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Tourists need registration for Saint Martin tour

The St. Martin only coral island of Bangladesh is the most attractive tourism spot and every day thousands of tourist are visiting here. As a result the natural environment is going to be polluted. Not only that, due to coral recoil from the bottom of the ocean, environmental disasters have occurred. So Bangladesh Government has taken some initiatives to protect the natural environment and resources.

Tourists need registration for Saint Martin tour

Now Government is going to introduce some new rules to visit St. Martin Island. One of the important rules is to have registration before tour at Saint Martin Island. Tourist have to do registration through online to visit St. Martin.

Limited visitors will visit to Saint Marin

There were no restriction to visit St. Martin . But now only limited visitors are allowed to visit St. Martin. Initially Bangladesh Government is allowing only one thousand and two fifty tourists to visit to Saint Martin Island.

Restrictions on night stay at St. Martin Hotel

Another rules that can be implement to protect the environment of Saint Martin is to apply restriction on staying at Saint Martin at night. Tourist will visit to Saint Martin and return same day that most of the tourists do.

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