Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh

Ride Sharing App in Bangladesh

Ride-sharing vehicle apps service in Bangladesh is becoming popular day by day. At first, Uber came here with their service only for private cars. Then Pathao came with their motorbike ride-sharing app service. After a few months they started their service for both car and motorcycle hire service. So if you have a plan of moving Bangladesh it is very easy to get a car. So for all the travelers who have never traveled to Bangladesh and have a negative idea about Bangladesh, the good news is that you will now find many ride sharing apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. But you will find many ride sharing app which all are not so effective. So we shall try to give you a correct guide about ride sharing app in Bangladesh as it becomes easy for you to choose right app to travel in Bangladesh.

Top Vehicle Ride Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

Once upon a time the taxi was not always available on road. So it was so difficult to get out without own car. But now you can easily move in any need. Because you have ride sharing app to use in Dhaka city.


Uber came with ride sharing service. They are the first company who started ride sharing app service in Bangladesh. At first they started to provide this service with car. Then they introduce bike service. Lastly they have introduce this service using auto rickshaw.

Most importantly, Uber has launched an inter-district transport service. At first they started this service in Chattagram and Sylhet. Because these cities are famous for tourism.


Firstly the Pathao started their ride sharing service with motorbikes. Secondly they introduced  car. Lastly they introduced parcel courier service.

Shohoz Reides

At first Shohoz was very popular for their online bus ticket booking and selling services. Then they started ride sharing app when they saw the popularity of ride sharing app is going high day by day.


OBHAI brings some change and innovation in this service. They started their services with auto rickshaw.

Ride sharing app for moving out for women


OBon is an app for the women. It is only for female. OBHAI company has launched this app for women.

Lily Ride

It’s your turn– using this slogan Lily has started their journey in ride sharing world in 2017. It is only for women.

Moving Bangladesh with Best Ride Sharing App Service

Are you always facing trouble finding a transport to go out? If yes, then please use ride sharing app service. You will find many apps for ride sharing in Bangladesh. It will save your time and money.


Uber is global brand for ride sharing services. So this service is secured and trusted. Both Pathao and Shohoz Rides are popular ride sharing app in Bangladesh. For this reason, these apps have become popular for traveling safely to any part of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Is ride sharing app safe in Bangladesh?

Ans. Yes, you will find global ride sharing company as well as local company. All of them are safe to use.

Q. Are the drivers of  ride sharing vehicles skilled?

Ans. Yes, the drivers are skilled enough. Most of them are freelancer drivers and always try to drive safely.

Q. Do the drivers get along well with the passengers?

Ans. Yes, most drivers use it well. However, there are also examples of some unpleasant incidents.

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