Kansat Landlord House

Location of Kansat

Location of Kansat is in Shibganj upazila, 23 kilometers from Chapainawabganj district headquarters. The Chapainawabganj district is northern district of Bangladesh.

Kansat naming history

It is said that previously the king had a house known as Kongsohatta. From this area is known as Kansat.
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Kansat Jamidar Bari or Kansat Landlord House

Kansat is an ancient village in Chapainawabganj district under Shibganj upazila. The ancestors of the Zamider or landlord used to stay in a village called Koroi Jhakoir. Due to torture of Robber leader Pandits they moved to Muktogacha in Myemensingh. Later on they came back to Kansat. The house was built around 1867 by landlord Surjya Kanta. He came to Kansat village from Muktagachha of Mymensingh district and built this big, decorated mansion, originally called Surjya Garh, on about 2.24 acres of land on the bank of the Pagla river. It is two storied building with sixteen rooms.

The landlord Surjya Kanta had two sons, Shashi Kanta and Shitangshu Kanta. Shitangshu was the last zamindar or landlord. Shitangshu went to Kolkata after the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947. Then Pakistan government took ownership of the building. It was unused until liberation war after the liberation of Bangladesh, it was made the union land office. The office was later shifted to the kachari bari in front of the mansion.

How to tour to Kansat

There are so many ways that a visitor can tour to Kansat.

How to reach Chapainawabganj to go to Kansat

All the bus transport services start from Dhaka to Chapai Nawabganj district. As for example, Hanif Enterprise, Modern Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribhaban etc. are popular in this route.

Where to Stay in Kansat

There are many hotels to stay, such as Government Rest House (Rohanpur Upazila), Johrul Cottage (Shahabazpur Upazila), Hotel Al-Hera, Hotel Al-Nahid etc. in the city area.

Foods Facilities at Kansat

You may search for restaurants or fast food shops nearby. These kinds of shops are available there. You can find fresh fish and vegetables in local restaurants. You may also carry your own food.

Other things to do at Kansat

After visiting Kansat Jamidar Bari, you can go to Kansat Mango Market or go to Sona Mosque Land Port.

Visit Kansat Mango Market

The country’s largest mango market is Kansat of Chapainawabganj, which becomes so much crowded  by lot of mango buyers in all mango season.

The location of Kansat Bazar in Shibganj upazila, 23 kilometers away from Chapainawabganj district. There are some small businesses have been temporarily built for this mango market in Kansat . From morning the mango trading starts and it goes on up to mid night. Due to business, there are so many outsiders and traders come here. For them, here in the mango season, the residential hotels run very good. Nearly 300 junk food hotels have also been built around the mango business. Besides, selling bamboo made cages for mango transportation can be seen here. About thousands of people have been employed in temporary employment for weight checking, packaging and upload to truck.

Visit to the Sona Mosque Land Port

The Sona Mosque Land Port is 13 km away from Kansat Bazar. There is a direct high way to visit Sona Mosque Land Port. This road is the direct connecting road from district head quarter to port. It is a busy road as so many business men, importers, exporters of Bangladesh have to go to the port for import export and other trading activities. Though the business travelers visit here but some general tourists come here also.

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