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Hotel Sea Crown Cox’s Bazar Contact Number

Hotel Sea Crown is very popular among those who visit Cox’s Bazar often. But many of them do not keep in mind the Hotel Sea Crown Cox’s Bazar Contact Number. However, there is no reason to worry, because you will always have the contact number of this hotel with us. For those who have never been to Cox’s Bazar or have been to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach for the first time, the Hotel Sea Crown is the best hotel for them. The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the largest beach in the world, which is why so many tourists come here every year. And to accommodate all these travelers, many hotels and motels of different standards have been built here. The Hotel Sea Crown which is a 3-star standard hotel has got much popularity among all these travelers.

Why do you come to Hotel Sea Crown?

Most of the visitors come to Cox’s Bazar to enjoy the beauty of the Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The location of Cox’s Bazar is in the southeast part of Bangladesh. It has the largest continual beach in the world that is up to 120 km long. This beach is completely sandy with no mud. The blue waters of the sea and the hundreds of roars attract the minds of tourists very strongly. The Hotel Sea Crown is the nearest hotel to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the beach from your hotel room.

A Short History of Cox’s Bazar

From Wikipedia, you will learn a lot about Cox’s Bazar in detail, but these will seem very boring to you. So we will give you some short and interesting information about this place in which you will get more interest.

Until the acquisition by Mughal in 1617, a large part of the area of Chittagong, including Cox’s Bazar was under the Arakan State. The Mughal emperor Shah Shuja became fascinated by the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar on his way to Arakan by a mountain road and ordered a camp to be set up there. About a thousand palanquins of his caravan took up a position at a place called Dulahajara in Chakriya, Cox’s Bazar. Dulhazara means a thousand couches. After the Mughals, Tripura, and Arkan, then the Portuguese and the British took control of the area.

But we know from history that the name Cox’s Bazar came from Hiram Cox, an officer of the East India Company of British India. He was then the Director-General of the couch. At that time the name of this area was Palangki. Hiram Cox began work on resolving the conflict between Arakanese refugees and local Rakhine and made significant progress in refugee resettlement. But he died in 1899 before the work was completed. Then the local people established a market to commemorate his contribution. From then local people started to call the market “Mr. Cox’s Bazaar”.

Whatever you get in this Cox’s Bazar

You will find much more things with beautiful natural sight scenes. When you will check-in at Hotel Sea Crown Cox’s Bazar, you will have so much information from there about different tourist destinations, foods, and local handicrafts. First of all, we shall describe the most important tourist place the biggest sea beach in the world. Then we shall describe other popular destinations and foods.

The biggest sea beach in the world

The biggest asset of Cox’s Bazar is the vast scenic beach which is the largest beach in the world. The Hotel Sea Crown is very close to the sea beach. This is why you can easily enjoy the beauty of the sea and the beach sitting in a hotel room.

Other tourist destinations

The first purpose of those who come to visit Cox’s Bazar is to see the beauty of the beach, but in addition to the beach, there are some other beautiful places where you can find a lot of peace by traveling. I will discuss some of these now.

Moheshkhali Island

Maheshkhali is not far from Cox’s Bazar. The distance is about 19 Kilometer from the Hotel Sea Crown.

Sonadia Island

Kutubdia Island

Ramu Buddhist Monastery

The world-famous marine dried fish

The marine dried fish is very tasty and also famous in whole the country. The local tourists are big customers of this dried fish. Not only the local buyers buy these fish, but these fish are also exported abroad. Some of the restaurants here have some very good delicious menu of this fish.

Hotel Sea Crown Room Features

The rooms of Hotel Sea Crown are equipped with modern facilities. Its interior decoration is very beautiful. The room servicemen are on duty round the clock to maintain the cleanliness of the room. It is easy for you to reserve a room by contacting Hotel Sea Crown Cox’s Bazar contact number. You also have the opportunity to avail the airport pickup service during your reservation. Here we have highlighted the common facilities that you will find after check-in in the hotel room.

  • Cable TV -Yes
  • Cloth Iron – Available On Charge
  • Breakfast – Yes (Including Room Fair)
  • Airport Pickup – Available On Charge
  • Free Slippers – Yes
  • Pets Allowed – No
  • Room Service – Yes

The planners of Hotel Sea Crown built it on the beach in such a way that you can enjoy the beauty of the sea from inside its rooms. However, this facility is not available to enjoy the beauty of the sea from all the rooms. This facility is available only from the sea-facing rooms. So the demand for such rooms is much higher and its rent is also higher. However, due to the change in demand over time, there is an opportunity to get some discount from the regular rent. And you will not always find information on this subject on the website. For this, you have to contact the hotel number. And to get the rooms that are in high demand, you have to reserve a long time ago.

Sea Front Deluxe Supreme

If you are a sea-lover and the waves of the sea pull you too much then you can book this room. From this room, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the sea. You can even enjoy the sunset while sitting at home.

Sea Front Deluxe

The cost of this room is lower than Sea Front Deluxe Supreme. If you be happy to feel the beauty of the sea and the waves from this room. From this room, you can easily enjoy the sunset also.

Hotel Sea Crown Cox’s Bazar contact number

Hotel Sea Crown

Marine Drive, Kola Toli New Beach
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Telephone: 0341-64795, 0341-64474
Mobile: +88 01817-08 94 20

Dhaka Reservation Office

Hosna Centre Suite # 209
106 Gulshan Avenue Gulshan Model Town Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone Number: +88 02-5506 8951, +88 02-5506 8952
Mobile Number:

Mymensingh Reservation Office

Shamim Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. 4, K.B. Islam Road, Mymensingh
Telephone: +88 02-5506 8951, +88 02-5506 8952
Phone: 091-52394, 091-65012


So if you have a plan to visit Cox’s Bazar you should have some contact numbers of local hotels as you give a booking for suitable rooms. So we have tried our best to provide you the proper information with hotel sea crown Cox’s Bazar contact number. We hope it will be helpful for you for room booking and ensure other services before coming here. But If you forget then you don’t need to be worried as we are here to give you all updates about the Hotel Sea Crown.


Question: Are the hotel contact numbers open 24 hours a day?

Answer. Yes, you must have a person to receive your call at any time.

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