Cheap Sylhet foods

Cheap cost foods in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sylhet is one of the largest tourism places in Bangladesh. The tourists of Bangladesh or other than Bangladesh can enjoy excellent natural sights. They need at least 3 days to visit important and popular tourism places of Sylhet. As a tourism place the living cost is not so high but the price of food is higher than other daily needs. It is very important for the tourists to think about accommodation and food. Because after going to any new place, we have to first think about our safety. Accommodations in Sylhet are not big problem, because it depends on money and budget but they feel worried about hygienic and fresh foods. It can be a tough for a tourist to find out hygienic and cheap cost food in Sylhet. A good tourist guide of Bangladesh can help to find out cheap cost food in Sylhet.

Asian Tour Operator always tries to help the tourists to provide proper tourist guide to find out hygienic and cheap cost food in Sylhet . Everybody in the country does not feel a lack of food for the hotel or the restaurant, but everyone feels the lack of quality food. So we are trying to give information about the best foods in Sylhet which is also cheap and hygienic.

Some best cheap cost foods in Sylhet, Bangladesh

There so many restaurants in entire Sylhet city but all are not cheap in cost. Most of the restaurant foods are costly. But you can find and take very hygienic and healthy foods from those restaurant.Some popular best cheap foods are Chicken Rezala, Ilish Plain Curry (Jhol), Mutton Curry, Coconuty Mutton Gravy, Beef Curry, Badhacopi Gazar Bhaji, Soya Masala Curry,Tomato Chutney,

Best cheap cost restaurant in Sylhet, Bangladesh

It is difficult for a tourist to search best cheap and hygienic restaurant in a new place. In Sylhet there are few restaurants who provide hygienic food in cheap cost. Asian Tour Operator always to give you correct information about cheap cost foods in Sylhet using the opinion of local community. As per opinion of local people it is found that “Pach Vai Restaurant” is very popular as a cheap cost restaurant in Sylhet.

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