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Biman Bangladesh Airlines – Popular Airlines in Bangladesh

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the most popular airline in Bangladesh. It is owned by Bangladesh Government but it is an autonomous organization. it carries the national flag as a representative of the Bangladesh Government in the international arena. The main hub of Biman is at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Biman operates both international and domestic passenger service as well as cargo service in all routes. Till now they have come to an air agreement with more than 40 countries. Among them they operating flights with 16 countries. The cabin crew and pilots are experienced and fly safely. so if you want to fly safely then Biman is the best airline in Bangladesh for you.

Bangladesh Biman baggage information

The size of baggage will be different for business class, economy class, and infant class.

If you fly under business class then you will have permission to carry a maximum of 30kgs of baggage free of cost. The size of the bag also not be more than 62 inches. The economy class passengers get the permission of 20kgs and infant have permission for 10kgs.

Biman Seat Information

Aircraft Code Aircraft Name Business Seating Economy Seating
B 787-8 Dreamliner AKASHBEENA 24 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner HANGSABALAKA 24 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner GAANGCHIL 24 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner RAJHANGSA 24 247
B 787-9 Dreamliner SHONAR TORI 30 247
B 787-9 Dreamliner AWCHIN PAKHI 30 247
B 777-300ER PALKI 35 384
B 777-300ER ARUN AALO 35 384
B 777-300ER AAKASH PRADEEP 35 384
B 777-300ER RAANGA PRAVAT 35 384
B 737-800 MEGHDOOT 12 150
B 737-800 MAYURPANKHI 12 150

Restricted elements and prohibited articles in Baggage during fly in Biman

There are some elements you don’t have permission to keep with you or in your baggage during a fly by Biman. These are explosives, compressed Gasses, acids, alkali’s, alcohol, matches, paints, thinners, fire-lighters, lighters, radioactive Materials, insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials, knives, scissors, sharp instruments, tools, firearms, ammunition, etc.

Internation Routes of Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Domestic Routes of Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Alternatives of Biman Bangladesh Airlines

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