Airplane restaurants in India

Airplane restaurants in India

Airplane restaurants in India are very much popular, especially for those people who have never been on a plane. It gives an idea who have never a chance to fly by plane from one place to another distance. It is an attractive idea to set up this restaurant airplane, which creates much attraction for visitors. The interior and exterior environments are excellent to have dinner or lunch. This is very secured for both local and foreign visitors. You will get many Airplane themed restaurant in the world but these are different than others.

Why should you go to a restaurant airplane?

If you do not have any experience to ride on Airplane then you must visit a restaurant airplane that will give you the feels of riding an airplane. You will enjoy a pleasant environment here which is different from any other restaurant. Its interior environment is extraordinary. It will feel like you are on a plane trip. A thrilling feeling will engulf your body and mind. And if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then there is no point, you will be lost in an unknown dream world. This is a great romantic place for newlyweds and honeymooners. It is a very enjoyable place not only for adults but also for children. So don’t be late to visit the restaurant airplane.

Best Airplane restaurants in India

There are so many Airplane restaurants are found in entire India. Among them Hawai Adda and Runway 1 are popular. You will be surprised to see the interior and exterior design concepts.

Runway 1 Rohini Delhi, Airplane restaurants in India

Runway 1 restaurant is at Rohini, Delhi is very popular to visitors. This Airplane restaurant was established by Shruti Kakkar, and her husband Kshitij Kakkar converting Airbus A320 into a multi-cuisine restaurant. It is on the Ambala Kurukshetra highway, National Highway-1, Haryana. They have both veg and non-veg menus. It carries the identity of a fancy pattern. Placing a plane on a highway and running a restaurant in a fancy way is really an excellent idea and we are sure, this Aeroplane restaurant will attract you very much if you have dinner with your friends and family. You will have a delicious food menu here. Belgian Fries, Italian Garlic, American Burgers, and Indo-British Sandwiches are available here. So please try to visit Runway 1 restaurant Rohini if you ever find a little time to enjoy it.

Hawai Adda, first Aeroplane restaurants in India

Hawai Adda is an Airplane restaurant located in the Northern Indian city of Ludhiana in Punjab which was made by Airbus 320 which once a time flew for Air India. Hawai Adda is a 72-seated Airplane restaurant in India that serves vegetarian foods. It has a cafe, a bakery and a hall that can hold up to 40 people. It’s a 100% vegetarian restaurant with excellent menus.

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